Modern Natives-Personal Regalia

I am Navajo (Dine’ or Dineh) my tribal nation is about the size of West Virginia.
I was born and raised in Shiprock, New Mexico on the northeastern portion of Navajo, some call it the four corners area. I have 7 sisters and 4 brothers. My parents both had some elementary education and spoke mostly Navajo. As a full blood, I have no choice but to be Native. No matter what I do in life I am Native and proud of it. I look more like my dad and of course mom is there too.

Words cannot describe how blessed I feel to be who I am, just turned out that I am Navajo from the four corners area. I respect all living things, which includes mother earth.

I just am who I am, you can accept that or not. I don’t go out of my way to show who I am, I really do not have anything to prove. I am just appreciative of all the wonderful relationships and experiences I have had thus far in this life.

  • Wilbur Woodis
  • Dine'/Navajo